Arishina Kumkuma – ಅರಿಶಿನ ಕುಂಕುಮ (1996/೧೯೯೬)

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Malashree, Sridhar, Dileep, Lokanath, Krishne Gowda, Honnavalli Krishna, Suresh, Girija Lokesh, Pushpa Swamy, Sudha Narasimharaju, Bharath Bhagavathar, Bank Janardhan, Boodal Krishnamurthy, Kakol Ramaiah, Srishailam, Biradar, Shankar Bhat, MSL Murthy, Vijayasarathi, B Jaya, Devika, Nayana, Saroja Srishailam, Rohini, Master Chethan, Baby Keerthana, R S Gowda
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Director G K Mudduraj
Associate Director Mohan Malagi
Assistant Director Shanthakumar, Mohan Kumar
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Banner Ram-Babu Films
Producer Smt Padma R S Gowda, M B Babu
Production Controller Kumar
Production Manager Anand More
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Story Smt Padma R S Gowda, M B Babu
Screenplay Ba La Suresh, G K Mudduraj
Dialogue Kunigal Nagabhushan
Lyrics Doddarange Gowda, Shyamsundar Kulkarni, Ohileshwara
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Other Crews:

Music V Manohar
Cinematography Manohar
Editor Prasad
Stunts K D Venkatesh
Choreography Ambi Mahendran
Costume Nagaraj
Makeup Mohan
PRO Nagendra
Publicity Designs Gangadhar-Somu
Stills Basavaraj
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Sound Recording:

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Censor Details:

Dated 09-07-1996
Length 4261 Mts
Color Color (Cinemascope)
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Audio & Video:

Audio On Jhankar Music
Video On Sri Ganesh Video
Runtime 158 min
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Songs & Lyrics:

Song Singer Lyrics
Arishina Kumkuma Soundarya Ninage

G V Athri
Maduve Annodu Ondu Vyapara

madhuve annodhu ondhu vyaapaara
C Ashwath
Namma Samsara Ananda Sagara

samsaara anandha saagara
G V Athri, Manjula Gururaj
Namma Samsara Ananda Sagara Manjula Gururaj, Master Rakesh, Master Chethan
Anjadiru Henne Alukadiru Henne

anjadhiru alukadhiru
Dr Rajkumar
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1 Comment

  1. Madhu K said,

    September 16, 2018 at 11:09 am

    This film is another in a long line of female tearjerker films, released during the 90’s, when movies of this particular “genre” were the vogue, and which catered mostly to females who rushed to the theatres and would shed copious amount of tears over the travails of the lead character. Unlike most of the others however, i think this film is engaging, and consistently watchable, because the soap opera elements aren’t strident. The lead female, played with an unflinching strength of character and passion by Malashri- in one of her best performances- is so guileless and so earnest, that you can’t help but root for her: which, i think, is the main selling point of films like this. A good film; definitely worth a watch.

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