Prachanda Ravana – ಪ್ರಚಂಡ ರಾವಣ (2008/೨೦೦೮)

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Devaraj, Sudharani, Bharath Bhagavathar, Rajeshwari, Nithin, Girish, Prithviraj, Amarnath, Mohanraj, Nagaraj, Shashishekar, Mohan Juneja, Ramachandra, Jagadish, Muralidhar Kashikar, Uday Shetty, Avinash
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Director Srinivas Prasad
Associate Director P Chandrashekar
Assistant Director Ramesh Rayamane, Manju, Avinash
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Banner New Wave Productions
Presenter Hamsalekha
Executive Producer A Padmakar
Production Manager Chennayya
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Screenplay Sheshagiri Yelamali
Dialogue Kanagal Prabhakara Shastry
Lyrics Kanagal Prabhakara Shastry
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Other Crews:

Music Gopi Krishna
Cinematography Ananth Urs
Editor B S Kemparaju
Stunts Jumper Prakash
Art Elumalai
Costume Ramachandra Mysore
Makeup Kantharaj, Gopal (Devaraj)
PRO Nagendra
Publicity Designs Mani
Stills Prasad Gandhi
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Sound Recording:

Dialogues Rajashekar
Songs Palani
Re-Recording Johnson
Effects Shankar
DTS Kumar
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Censor Details:

Dated 16-05-2008
Length 4196 Mts
Reels 14
Color Color (Cinemascope)
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Audio & Video:

Audio On Skanda Audio
Video On Anand Video
Runtime 139 min
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Songs & Lyrics:

Song Singer Lyrics
Jayatwam Devi Ramesh Chandra K Prabhakara Shastry
Aarambhavayithe Manu K Prabhakara Shastry
Bhramanyavinelli Nanditha K Prabhakara Shastry
Udayaravi Chandrike Nanditha K Prabhakara Shastry
Enaadodenindu Nanditha K Prabhakara Shastry
Janaki Manohare Manu K Prabhakara Shastry
Gaali Bandaga Mahesh K Prabhakara Shastry
Kaadugallina Gombe Nanditha, Hemanth Kumar K Prabhakara Shastry
Thapanakula Deepa Hemanth Kumar K Prabhakara Shastry
Sandeha Bedamma Hemanth Kumar K Prabhakara Shastry
Maataramo Hemanth Kumar K Prabhakara Shastry
Dhanyanade Hemanth K Prabhakara Shastry
Kailasavanetthi Hemanth K Prabhakara Shastry
Enneiruvatanaka Hemanth K Prabhakara Shastry
Hanuma Kelelo Srinivas K Prabhakara Shastry
Yaaru Enandu Keluvaro Nanditha K Prabhakara Shastry
Amma Shrilalithe Nanditha K Prabhakara Shastry
Kodanda Raama Hemanth K Prabhakara Shastry
Shiva Thandava Sthothra Srinivas, Hemanth Kumar K Prabhakara Shastry
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Release info:

Release date 23-05-2008
Main Theater Kapali
Weeks 2
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Plot Summary:

The story begins with the lord of Lanka, the very powerful Ravana (Devaraj) who is resolute about getting the darshan of Lord Shiva himself and starts off on a painstaking penance. The vibrations of his penance get so strong that even the Kailasham, the abode of lord Shiva starts shaking, but this does not please the lord. The determined Ravana does not stop at that and decides to cut off his head as an offering which gets the lord Shiva to answer his prayers and gives away his Atma linga. After acquiring some really tremendous powers, Ravana gets into kidnapping Seetha (Rajeshwari) and this is condemned by his wife Mandodhari. This is followed by the entry of lord Hanuman (Bharat Bhagavathar) and things get interesting with his presence. more
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Online Video:

Movie Trailer
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